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Development History

  • Development History
  • 2015
    With 10,000 sqm covering area and 200 employees, Zeyu developed its business to the world and wins acknowledgement at home and abroad.
  • 2014
    Zeyu became national-level hi-tech enterprise and developed its business to window and door hardware accessories field, aerospace field, precision electric appliance field, medical instrument field, automotive field and high-end intelligent service field.
  • 2013
    Lead in ERP system and conduct joint-stock system reform
  • 2012
    Researched and developed special type aerospace electric project, which filled the gap of various kinds of technology in China; successfully researched and developed various major automatic production lines of hardware accessories.
  • 2011
    Successfully researched and developed various production lines of cosmetic products, electric products and so on, and gained the qualified equipment supplier qualification of P&G cosmetic products production base in China.
  • 2010
    Passed ISO certification; reached strategic cooperation with lots of famous military aerospace enterprises of China and major hardware accessories companies of Germany; continued to explore international market and processed initial cooperation with Germany, France, America, Mexico, India, Russia customers; expanded the factory area to 4300 sqm and employees to 120.
  • 2009
    Researched and developed the automatic machine of military electric connector, which filled the technology gap in this field in China and settled the unshakable position in aerospace electric products.
  • 2008
    Being responsible for the development of the first full automatic production line of lock cylinder in China, and cultivated a team with professional techniques. 
  • 2007
    Became the first automatic equipment supplier of aerospace electric system in China.
  • 2006
    Being responsible for the project of Hitachi; expanded the covering area to 360 sqm and employees to 10.
  • 2005
    Founded Zeyu with 60 sqm covering area and 4 employees.