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Company Concept

  ZE: Spread benefit           YU: Vast
      Complete translation: serve the people, benefit to the vast earth.
      1. Philosophy
      Zeyu Intelligent Industrial
      --Using advanced manufacturing technology to achieve intelligent, green and sustainable development of industry manufacturing
      --Using advanced technology and science to improve people’s living environment and quality
      2. Position
      Professional supplier of intelligent industrial equipment
      3. Work Style
      Perfect product, best management, careful service
      4. Values
      People first: Staff-oriented, advocating knowledge, respecting talents, providing employees with sufficient development space; customer-oriented, understanding the real and potential needs of customers, providing quality products and services.
Innovation: advocating management innovation, technology innovation, system innovation and promotion innovation, improving company’s management and technology ability, increasing operation vitality and cohesion.

      Integrity: winning independence from government, customers and employees; maintaining good communication and cooperation relationship; ensuring product’s stability and quality.
      Dedication: spreading the fruits of maximum benefit to society, company and employees.